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Eriksson, Y., Sjölinder, M., Wallberg, A. and Söderberg, J. // 2020


Esparragoza, Ivan (1); Mesa-Cogollo, Jaime (2) // 2019
Finding sustainable solutions to worldwide problems has become a critical challenge for engineers. The use of natural resources and the generation of materials no degradable should be controlled when ...

A concept for process-oriented interdisciplinary tolerance management considering production-specific deviations

Heling, Bjoern; Oberleiter, Thomas; Rohrmoser, Andreas; Kiener, Christoph; Schleich, Benjamin; Hagenah, Hinnerk; Merklein, Marion; Willner, Kai; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
To meet rising customer requirements, increasingly complex products have to be virtually validated. To achieve this within the framework of virtual product development, a wide range of aspects has to ...

A Design Case Study: 3D Printer Software Interface Design based on Home Users preferences Knowledge

Li, Xuenan; Zhao, Danhua; Zhao, Jianghong // 2019
The rapid development of 3D printing technology has an impact on all aspects of modern manufacturing, design and society. However, the home use of 3D printers is still limited by the difficulty in ...

A knowledge based approach to support the conceptual design of ETO products

Nardelli, Miriam (1); Cicconi, Paolo (1); Savoretti, Andrea (1); Raffaeli, Roberto (2); Germani, Michele (1) // 2019
The ever-increasing competitiveness, due to the market globalization, has forced the industries to modify their design and production strategies. A key point is the development of products that ...

A lifecycle cost-driven system dynamics approach for considering additive re-manufacturing or repair in aero-engine component design

Lawand, Lydia (1); Al Handawi, Khalil (1); Panarotto, Massimo (2); Andersson, Petter (3); Isaksson, Ola (2); Kokkolaras, Michael (1,2) // 2019
Aero-engine component design decisions should consider re-manufacturing and/or repair strategies and their impact on lifecycle cost. Existing design approaches do not account for alternative ...

A Method For Analyzing The Influence Of Process And Design Parameters On The Build Time Of Additively Manufactured Components

Hallmann, Martin; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
When using additive manufacturing processes, the choice of the numerous settings for the process and design parameters significantly influences the build and production time. To reduce the required ...

A Methodical Approach to Support Conceptual Design for Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing

Watschke, Hagen; Kuschmitz, Sebastian; Heubach, Julius; Lehne, Guido; Vietor, Thomas // 2019
Additive manufacturing (AM) opens new possibilities for innovative product designs. However, due to a lack of knowledge and restrained creativity because of design fixations, design engineers do not ...

A methodology for the application of virtual evaluation methods within the design process of cold forged steel pinions

Rohrmoser, Andreas (1); Heling, BjÓrn (2); Schleich, Benjamin (2); Kiener, Christoph (1); Hagenah, Hinnerk (1); Wartzack, Sandro (2); Merklein, Marion (1) // 2019
Gears are essential machine elements in the drivetrain and transmission technology. The operational behaviour of a gear pairing is influenced by the design of the gear kinematics as well as the ...

A modeling approach for elastic tolerance simulation of the body in white hang-on parts

Zheng, Hanchen (1); Litwa, Frank (1); Reese, Benjamin (2); Li, Chenyang (2); Bohn, Martin (1); Paetzold, Kristin (3) // 2019
Computer aided tolerancing (CAT) in the automobile industry is implemented by CAD tools. These tools analyze the manufacturability of complex assemblies with rigid single parts in an early stage to ...

A new method to assess platform changes over successive generations of product variants from multiple design perspectives

Wong, Foo Shing; Wynn, David C. // 2019
This paper introduces a new method to help designers assess the impact of changes to a product platform when introducing a new variant. The method evaluates a platform design by investigating how ...

A straightforward approach to the derivation of topologies

Garrelts, Enno; Roth, Daniel; Binz, Hansgeorg // 2019
The design of topologically optimized structures is straightforward, although the main problem is really to derive the correct structure in each instance. During the development of structures for ...

A weighted set cover problem for product family design to maximize the commonality of products

Han, Hyeongmin (1); Chang, Sehyun (2); Kim, Harrison (1) // 2019
In product family design, the commonality of products and performance are competing objectives when designers build platforms. The commonality makes it efficient to manufacture products while it will ...

Additive manufacturing of heterogeneous lattice structures: an experimental exploration

Leonardi, Francesco (1); Graziosi, Serena (1); Casati, Riccardo (1); Tamburrino, Francesco (2); Bordegoni, Monica (1) // 2019
3D printed heterogeneous lattice structures are beam-and-node based structures characterised by a variable geometry. This variability is obtained starting from a periodic structure and modifying the ...

Agile Development of a Microtiter Plate in an Interdisciplinary Project Team

Goevert, Kristin; Schweigert-Recksiek, Sebastian; Tariq, Bilal; Krischer, Lukas; Lindemann, Udo // 2019
The industry is currently changing rapidly. Both customers and employees are focusing much more on their own needs. On the one hand, this requires individualized products and, on the other hand, ...

An innovative framework for managing the customization of tailor-made shoes

Marconi, Marco (1); Papetti, Alessandra (2); ScafÉ, Martina (2); Rossi, Marta (2); Germani, Michele (2) // 2019
Product customization aims to consider individual customers preferences in the design of new products, in order to directly involve them in the product development process and to maximize their ...

An Overview and Classification of Tolerance Compensation Methods

Aschenbrenner, Alexander; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
Technological advances as well as novel manufacturing and design paradigms, such as industry 4.0 and digitalization, offer new opportunities for innovative products. However, they also increase the ...

Automated Candidate Detection for Additive Manufacturing: A Framework Proposal

Page, Thomas Daniel; Yang, Sheng; Zhao, Yaoyao Fiona // 2019
As additive manufacturing (AM) continues to grow in its abilities, so does the need for a quick and effective method of determining how it should be applied. Over time, these methods are naturally ...

Automatic Identification of Product Usage Contexts from Online Customer Reviews

Suryadi, Dedy; Kim, Harrison // 2019
There are three product design contexts that may significantly affect the design of a product and customer preferences towards product attributes, i.e. customer context, market context, and usage ...

Baukastensystem für CFK-Fachwerkstrukturen – Diskrete Optimierung der Strebenquerschnitte

Simon Walbrun; Sandro Wartzack // 2019
Fiber-reinforced plastics have a high potential for lightweight structures due to their high specific strength and stiffness. A modular system enables a reduction of the manufacturing costs for ...

Bio-Inspired Design for Additive Manufacturing - case study: microtiter plate

Hashemi Farzaneh, Helena; Angele, Ferdinand; Zimmermann, Markus // 2019
Bio-inspired design is an innovative methodology for transferring biological solutions into technical solutions, for example for the design of weight- and load-optimized components. Bio-inspired ...

Challenges and architectural approaches for automotive PLM in multi-brand organisations - a discussion paper

Kehl, Stefan (2); Hesselmann, Carsten (1); Stiefel, Patrick (2); M // 2019
Today, top-down processes, centralized IT infrastructures, and one-vendor strategies prevail in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) of large multi-brand Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) groups. ...

Challenges with supplier involvement in product development: a suppliers perspective

Flankeg rd, Filip (1); Johansson, Glenn (1,2); Granlund, Anna (1) // 2019
Studies of supplier involvement in product development have revealed potential benefits including faster time to market, reduced cost and increased quality. However, existing literature has mainly ...

Combining Scrum and Design Thinking for a highly iterative and user-centric hardware development project

Augustin, Laura; Schabacker, Michael // 2019
User-centric development is essential to any product development project, especially in order to keep up with today?s ever-changing product cycle.

This paper explores the potential of combining ...

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