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Reynolds, Timothy James; Jenkins, Barry // 2023
In recent years, sustainability has become a core constituent of contemporary undergraduate Product Design courses. However, many students continue to struggle to put theory into practice when ...

Reconstruction of Topology Optimized Geometry with Casting Constraints in a Feature-Based Approach

Mayer, Johannes;Denk, Martin;Wartzack, Sandro // 2023
Topology Optimization (TO) is an established method for the development of high strength and lightweight structural components. However, its results have to be geometrically revised to obtain a ...

Reducing prototype fabrication time through enhanced material extrusion process capability

Parry, Georgia Rose; Felton, Harry James; Ballantyne, Robert; Su, Shuo; Hicks, Ben // 2023
3D printing is a widely used technology for automating the fabrication of prototypes. The benefits are wide reaching, and include low required expertise, accurate geometric form and the ...

Reducing the Risk of Patent Infringement

Stauffer, Larry // 2023
One life-cycle issue that is often overlooked in the design process is that of intellectual property (IP). Yet the IP associated with a product is a valuable asset of the company, sometime comparable ...

Sensing In-Situ temperatures by coordinates in Fused Filament Fabrication for identifying interlayer anisotropic mechanical properties and enabling post-FEM analysis

Amlie, Erik; Fylling, Emil; Eikevåg, Sindre Wold; Nesheim, Ole S.; Steinert, Martin; Elverum, Christer W. // 2023
In Additive Manufacturing (AM), new generations of polymer composites presented as engineering- grade materials provide high-end mechanical properties with the design freedom AM provides. Interlayer ...

Simulating Bioresorbable Lattice Structures to Enable Time-dependent Stiffness in Fracture Fixation Devices

Hawthorn, Barnaby (1); Triantaphyllou, Andrew (2); Khan, Farhan (2); Dyson, Rosemary (3); Thomas-Seale, Lauren E. J. (1) // 2023
Additive manufacture (AM) enables a greatly increased design freedom owing to its ability to manufacture otherwise difficult or impossible geometries. However, design creativity can often present ...

Structuring and Provision of Manufacturing knowledge through the Manufacturing Resource Ontology

Max Leo Wawer, Kevin Herrmann, Stefan Plappert, Johanna Wurst, Paul Christoph Gembarski, Roland Lachmayer // 2023
One challenge in manufacturing-integrated product development is the accessibility of the required manufacturing knowledge. Here, ontologies offer the possibility to structure and formalize ...

Studying the design process in constrained environment: an empirical approach to analyzing informal metal working enterprises in Tanzania

Keshwani, Sonal (1); Jagtap, Santosh (2); Opiyo, Eliab Z. (3) // 2023
Product design is one of the key features of intellectual and creative abilities of humans.

Activities of product design have attracted not only experts, but also those without any design training. ...


Almrott, Ceri // 2023
Philippe Bihoux, in his 2014 work, L’Âge des low tech: vers une civilization techniquement soutenable suggests that developing increasingly high-tech solutions to address the sustainability crisis is ...

The Aristotelian causalities in localised distributed manufacturing

Skouboe, Esben Bala; Barros, Mário // 2023
Half of the total greenhouse gas emissions and 90% of biodiversity loss come from resource extraction and processing. (EC 2020). To counter this, we must switch to sustainable, long-lasting products ...

The effects of scenarios on decision-making quality in early design – an empirical study

Parolin, Giácomo; McAloone, Tim C.; Pigosso, Daniela C. A. // 2023
Scenario planning is often used in design practice to foster futures thinking, reduce uncertainties and improve decision-making. Scenarios are especially relevant for innovation activities in ...

The relationship between Product Architecture and Innovation: A Study through Design of Motorcycles

Chandra, Sushil // 2023
How does the quantity and quality of innovation in an organization vary with the architecture of the product that the organization produces is a recurring theme in literature. This paper attempts to ...

The T-Shaped Design Engineer – using cohorts to explore how skills profiles differ through career stages

Dekoninck, Elies; Bridge, Liam // 2023
The T-Shaped designer has previously been identified as a design engineer with the desirable set of skills for a successful career. Twelve design engineers ranging from novice to expert, were ...

The use of organic residues to develop packaging: tests in molded pulp

Sastre, Ricardo Marques;Zeni, Cristiane Ferrari;De Paula, Istefani Carisio;Hauser, Ghissia;Da Conceição, Stéfanie // 2023
At the end of its life the packaging may become a residue if it is not correctly discarded, becoming a visible component of the waste produced on the planet, with a defined shape and communicating ...

Towards realistic numerical modelling of thin strut-based 3D-printed structures

Dash, Satabdee; Nordin, Axel // 2023
The as-built geometry and material properties of parts manufactured using Additive Manufacturing (AM) can differ significantly from the as-designed model and base material properties. These ...

Towards remote control of manufacturing machines through robot vision sensors

Halawi Ghoson, Nourhan (1); Hakam, Nisar (1); Shakeri, Zohreh (1); Meyrueis, Vincent (1); Loubère, Stéphane (2); Benfriha, Khaled (1) // 2023
The remote management of equipment is part of the functionalities granted by the design principles of Industry 4.0. However, some critical operations are managed by operators, machine setup and ...

Towards Sustainable Life Cycles of Making in Small Scale Fabrication Spaces

Moore, George Edward (1); Agogino, Alice M. (2); Goucher-Lambert, Kosa (2) // 2023
Small scale fabrication spaces have shown their potential to support our local supply chains during the collapse of many global supply chain networks at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In ...

Uncertainty management in circular business model innovation - the case of circular plastics

Stingl, Verena; Fuglsig, Linea Vibe; Hoveling, Cecilie // 2023
The transition towards circular economy means a radical systemic shift that requires re-design and innovation of business models. However, this radical systemic shift also creates high levels of ...


Siena, Francesco Luke; Naik, Kevin; Watts, Paul // 2023
The demand for enhanced technical competencies in graduates of product design and design engineering courses continues to grow year on year, with industry now requiring students to not only have an ...


De Vere, Ian // 2023
Designers are now entrusted with increasingly complex challenges and the stakes have never been higher. The complex and impactful endeavours of modern design reach far beyond the commercial and ...

When is a robot a cobot? Moving beyond manufacturing and arm-based cobot manipulators

Guertler, Matthias (1); Tomidei, Laura (1); Sick, Nathalie (1); Carmichael, Marc (2); Paul, Gavin (2); Wambsganss, Annika (1); Hernandez Moreno, Victor (1); Hussain, Sazzad (3) // 2023
Collaborative robots ("cobots") have attracted growing attention in academia and industry over the last years. Due to in-built safety features and easy programming, they allow for close human-cobot ...

Will Model-Based Definition accelerate the inspection phase in the manufacturing process?

Uski, Pekka (1); Nieminen, Joni (2); Ellman, Asko (3) // 2023
Model-Based Definition provides several benefits for communicating between engineering and other downstream stakeholders. Particularly, semantic PMI information included in 3D models benefits both ...

Work in Progress: Development of educational kit for teaching additive manufacturing

Valjak, Filip;Kapetanović, Ana;Taradi, Ivona;Bojčetić, Nenad // 2023
Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a unique manufacturing technology that is being rapidly accepted in various industries, leading to increased demand for experts who know to work with AM and how to ...


Patino Santa, Luis Fernando; Isaza Saldarriaga, Juan Felipe // 2023
The learning space in the 21st century, cannot be limited to a closed enviroment within a classroom. It is important to push the limits of both, creativity and innovation on the mind of the ...

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