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A Designers' Perspective on Additive Manufactured Smart Wearables for Paediatric Habilitation

Matthew Bonello, Philip Farrugia // 2022
The aim of the paper is to identify from the perspective of designers, what is required to optimally design smart habilitation devices for additive manufacturing, whilst ensuring a high quality ...

A Framework to Collect and Reuse Engineering Knowledge in the Context of Design for Additive Manufacturing

Giovanni Formentini (1), Claudio Favi (1), Marco Mandolini (2), Michele Germani (2) // 2022
Design for AM (DfAM) requires the definition of Design Actions (DAs) to optimize AM manufacturing processes. However, AM understanding is still very blurred. Often designers are challenged by ...

A Method for Additive Tooling in Integrated Product Development

Schrock, Steffen; Junk, Stefan; Albers, Albert // 2022
This paper presents a method for supporting the application of Additive Tooling (AT)-based validation environments in integrated product development. Based on a case study, relevant process steps, ...

A Product-Service System for Safety Footwear

Debbie J. Janson, Stephen T. Newman, Vimal Dhokia // 2022
This paper proposes that safety footwear manufacture shifts towards a sustainable Product-Service System (PSS). The PSS consists of seven stages from identification of requirements through to ...

Additive Manufacturing Conformity – A Practical View

Gregory-Jamie T // 2022
With the dissemination of additive manufacturing (AM), numerous methods have emerged to support the design process. One possibility is to improve functional solutions through AM-conformal design. ...

Advantages of 3D Printing for Circular Economy and Its Influence on Designers

Youzhi Chen // 2022
Based on the theoretical research of 3D printing and circular economy, combined with case studies, this paper analyzes the advantages of 3D printing in realizing circular economy and its influence on ...

An AI-Based Approach to Optimize Stress in Shrink Fits

Valesko Dausch, Jan Kr // 2022
The present analytical design of shrink fits typically results in an uneven stress condition that can lead to failure in a variety of manners. With increasing loads and the use of brittle materials, ...

Avoid Service Design Trap by Guiding Product/Service System Design with Product-Service Dependency Knowledge Base

Tomohiko Sakao, Abhijna Neramballi, Johannes Matschewsky // 2022
This article aims to contribute to the knowledge on product/service system (PSS) design practice as follows. First, a new rationale for why PSS design in practice often does not exploit its full ...

Compounding Composites from Raw Materials with Extrusion Directly on 3D Printer

Oscar Rundbäck Martinsson, Axel Nordin, Jože Tavčar // 2022
The materials most commonly used in 3D-printers are in a filament form. This is a barrier for users who want to have new types of filaments with different material compositions. A 3D-printer which ...

Computational Design of an Additively Manufactured Origami-Based Hand Orthosis

Melanie Oliveira Barros, Andreas Walker, Tino Stanković // 2022
This work investigates the application of origami as the underlying principle to realize a novel 3D printed hand orthosis design. Due to the special property of some origami to become rigid when ...

Conceptual Design in Metalworking Microenterprises: An Empirical Study in Tanzania

Eliab Opiyo (1), Santosh Jagtap (2), Sonal Keshwani (3) // 2022
Product design is a key aspect of human intelligence and creativity, attracting not only experts but also workers and self-employed without any formal design training. Although numerous people in ...

Coordinated Property Driven Development

Adlin, Nillo; Juuti, Tero; Lehtonen, Timo // 2022
Characteristics-Properties Method/Property-Driven Development (CPM/PDD) has been a popular and widely applied theory for supporting the integration of product modelling and design process modelling. ...

Cost Sensitivity Analysis for Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Marco Mandolini (1), Mikhailo Sartini (1), Claudio Favi (2), Michele Germani (1) // 2022
Laser Powder Bed Fusion is the most widespread additive manufacturing process for metals. In literature, there are several analytical models for estimating the manufacturing cost. However, few papers ...

Data-Driven Design Support for Additively Manufactured Heating Elements

Karl Hilbig, Maximilian Nowka, Julian Redeker, Hagen Watschke, Vincent Friesen, Anna Duden, Thomas Vietor // 2022
Additive Manufacturing (AM) enables innovative product designs. One promising research field is AM of integrated electrically structures, e.g. heating panels using Joule effect. A mayor challenge in ...

Deformation Taxonomy of Additively Manufactured Lattice Structures

Alan Air (1,2), Andrew Wodehouse (1) // 2022
Additive manufacturing offers opportunities for designed mechanical deformation within parts by integrating lattice structures into their designs. This work re-analyses and translates data on lattice ...


Siena, Francesco Luke (1); Forbes, Christopher (2); Truman, Kerry (2) // 2022

Density-Based Topology Optimization for a Defined External State of Stress in Individualized Endoprosthesis

Patrik M // 2022
Endoprosthesis are exposed to the risk of aseptic loosening. The design of the prosthesis shaft to achieve physiological force application is therefore of great importance. Additive manufacturing ...

Design Principles and Multi-Level Structures for Multi-Functional and Multi-Material Design

Tim Fr // 2022
Multi-functional design has high potential to overcome e.g. increasing weight and costs of products. However, the possible solution space for integrating functions is hardly manageable. This paper ...

Design Rules for Laser Beam Melted Particle Dampers

Tobias Ehlers, Roland Lachmayer // 2022
By means of additive manufacturing, especially laser powder bed fusion, particle dampers can be integrated locally into structural components and thus significantly reduce component vibrations. ...

Designing Industrial Product-Service System (PSS) Pilot Projects in Manufacturing Companies: A Proposed Process for Product and Customer Selection

David Sarancic, Daniela C. A. Pigosso, Tim C. Mcaloone // 2022
This paper proposes an approach for capital goods manufacturers to design Product-Service System (PSS) pilot projects by selecting appropriate products and customers. The authors conducted a ...

Designing Long-Lasting Products: Barriers for Design Consultancies

Andreas Fenger Bendixen, Carina N // 2022
Past research shows there are significant barriers for creating long lasting products. In this paper we examine, the distinct collaborative barriers design consultancies face when striving to design ...

Designing PSS Fleets – Consideration of the Product Architecture

Christoph Rennpferdt (1), Jannik Alexander Schneider (2), Roland Lachmayer (2), Dieter Krause (1) // 2022
By transforming from a manufacturer into a PSS provider, the business model of a company changes. In particular with service-oriented business models, the importance of tangible products alters. ...

Development of Business Model Families for Product-Service Systems

Christoph Rennpferdt (1), Marco Bagusat (2), Dennis Bender (2), Dieter Krause (1) // 2022
To access new market segments, a growing number of manufacturing companies are changing their business models and are transforming themselves into providers of so-called Product-Service Systems ...


Kuschmitz, Sebastian (1); Hoppe, Lukas Valentin (2); Gembarski, Paul Christoph (2); Lachmayer, Roland (2); Vietor, Thomas (1) // 2022

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