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Masen, Marc; Butt, Ahmed Tamkin; Agg, Chloe // 2023
This paper draws parallels and contrasts between the Design-focussed learning tracks of the Mechanical Engineering courses at Imperial College London (ICL) and Nottingham Trent University (NTU). ...

A Designer's understanding of the maker movement

von Platen, Vilhelm;Kitani, Yoji // 2023
The maker movement has garnered interest from many disparate fields, from engineering to business management, to behavioural science, to city planning. The reason for this interest no doubt stems ...

A DFAM Framework for the Design of Compliant Structures

Air, Alan (1,2);Wodehouse, Andrew (1) // 2023
Additive manufacturing methods present prospects for designed mechanical deformation via the integration of controlled anisotropic lattice structure forms. Their assimilation into a Design for ...

A Method for Reducing Fuzziness and Accelerating New Product Modelling in CAD : the case of Design for Manufacturing

Bluntzer, Jean-Bernard;Barret, Régis; Ostrosi, Egon // 2023
Improvements in product development can increase the competitiveness of firms. However, new product development in CAD systems involves difficulties and uncertainties that increase along with the ...

A method to capture and share production requirements supporting a collaborative production preparation process

Areth Koroth, Rohith;Elgh, Fredrik;Lennartsson, Martin;Raudberget, Dag // 2023
The production preparation process (3P) enables collaboration between design and production engineers during product development but its efficiency is limited by the abundance of documentation of ...

A multi-criteria decision-making approach to optimize the part build orientation in additive manufacturing

Sartini, Mikhailo (1);Luca, Manuguerra (1);Claudio, Favi (2);Marco, Mandolini (1) // 2023
The part build orientation is a manufacturing variable that must be considered when designing a product to maximise AM opportunities. There are several approaches to selecting the best print ...

A review on real vehicle usage modelling of driverless multipurpose vehicles in vehicle routing problems

Andreolli, Raphael (1,2,3,5); Nybacka, Mikael (1,2); O'Reilly, Ciarán J. (1,3); Jenelius, Erik (4); Falkgrim, Eric (5) // 2023
Real vehicle usage rarely matches the predictions made during early phases of vehicle development and sales processes at commercial road vehicle manufacturers. The automotive industry needs ...


Yeh, Tse-Yen; Shih, Yi-Teng // 2023
Portable Toilets, also referred to as porta potties, are movable toilets that are often placed outdoors for places with limited toilet access or with crowded areas, such as tourist sites, ...


Sewell, Philip; Batley, Abigail; Roberts, William // 2023
The goal of traditional supply chain spare parts management is to maintain a minimum level of spare parts inventory whilst still being able to fulfil demand and maintain customer satisfaction. Much ...

Analysis of the differential-growth method's potential for designing complex heat-transferring walls for compact heat exchanger

Seidler, Alexander;Holtzhausen, Stefan;Sander, Maximilian;Paetzold-Byhain, Kristin // 2023
Water scarcity and resource depletion can be expected during the climate crisis. Therefore, thermally loaded processes in particular, must be made more efficient in the future. Heat exchangers will ...

Application of Bio-Bricks & its benefits

Rautray, Priyabrata (1); Roy, Avik (2); Eisenbart, Boris (3) // 2023
The practice-led research focuses on how agro-waste can be used to build a structure, gather relevant knowledge, and identify its various challenges. Based on the compressive strength of Bio-Bricks, ...

Application of unsupervised learning and image processing into classification of designs to be fabricated with additive or traditional manufacturing

Ördek, Baris; Borgianni, Yuri // 2023
Manufacturing process (MP) selection systems require a large amount of labelled data, typically not provided as design outputs. This issue is made more severe with the continuous development of ...

Applications of Rotational Manipulators in the Manufacture and Characterization of Highly Curved Thin Films

McIntyre, Finn (1); Sellier, Mathieu (1); Gooch, Shayne (1); Nock, Volker (2); Sharplin, Nigel (3) // 2023
What do common devices such as smartphones, CD’s and solar panels all have in common? They are all examples of innovative technology that is still limited to flat, rigid geometries. This is primarily ...

B-spline based metamodel of the thermal analysis of the wire arc additive manufacturing process.

Zani, Mathilde (1);Montemurro, Marco (1);Panettieri, Enrico (1);Marin, Philippe (2) // 2023
Among additive manufacturing processes, wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) is one of the most promising methods for manufacturing complex near-net-shape parts, as it allows the layer-by-layer ...

Barriers from a socio-technical perspective to implement digitalisation in industrial engineering processes – a literature review

Hane Hagström, Malin; Bergsjö, Dag; Wahrén, Henrik // 2023
With the paradigm shift towards Industry 4.0 and digitalisation, manufacturing engineers face several unexplored challenges; in the products for which they are designing production, in the equipment ...

Challenges of Product Modularization Methods in SMEs: Lessons Learned from a Manufacturer of Rigid Inflatable Boats

Silva, Tiago; Santos, Cláudio // 2023
Nowadays, Western rigid inflatable boat (RIB) manufacturers are facing increased competition from Asian and Middle East producers and the need to push the modularization of their product ...

Challenges of using Augmented Reality to support an efficient and error-free assembly in complex variant environments

Dausch, Valesko Cedrik (1); Roth, Daniel (1); Kreimeyer, Matthias (1); Bohr, Sebastian (2) // 2023
As part of the digital transformation towards Industry 4.0, the tasks of staff on the shop floor are changing. Despite increasing automation, complex assembly steps still have to be carried out by ...

Circularity of plastics through ecodesign : the case of French WEEE

Nève, Nicolas (1); Charbuillet, Carole (2); Pompidou, Stéphane (3); Perry, Nicolas (2) // 2023
While innovation in waste treatment processes continue to advance, plastics are still often put aside in comparison to other materials. It is especially the case for WEEE-plastics: as they are ...

Continuous simulation of variations during the design of endless fiber reinforced composite structure assemblies

Stephan Freitag, Stefan Goetz, Sandro Wartzack // 2023
Using composite materials like endless fiber reinforced plastics offers numerous advantages. Nevertheless, the material properties of composite materials lead to new challenges in the manufacturing ...

Creating an open-source, low-cost composite feeder design to improve filament quality of high-performance materials to be used in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Øvrebø, Henrik H.; Koldre, Svein-Andre; Nesheim, Ole S.; Eikevåg, Sindre Wold; Steinert, Martin; Elverum, Christer W. // 2023
Composite filaments are getting increased attention in additive manufacturing (AM). More and better solutions for filament production are needed to assist researchers in discovering new materials ...

Current and potential applications of 3D printing in a general hospital

Eddous, Sayfeddine (1,2); Lamé, Guillaume (2); Decante, Benoît (1); Yannou, Bernard (2); Agathon, Antoine (1); Aubrège, Laure (1); Talon, Valérie (1); Dacosta-Noble, Éléonore (1) // 2023
3D printing is widely touted as a game changer in medicine and surgery, paving the way for point-of-care production of personalised medical devices. Nonetheless, to date, most reported applications ...

Data-driven smart manufacturing: case study of workforce management process in an Italian leather goods company

Pietroni, Giorgia;Marconi, Marco // 2023
Digitalization is one of the fundamental pillars of Industry 4.0. Within smart factories, Big Data Analytics systems play a key role in supporting the decision-making process of various stages of ...


Novoa, Mauricio; Alsinglawi, Belal // 2023
This paper narrates outcomes from an undergraduate first-year project-based learning studio in industrial design, which intends to democratize virtual reality and helps to rethink design education ...

Derive and integrate sustainability criteria in design space exploration of additive manufactured components

Mallalieu, Adam (1); Martinsson Bonde, Julian (1); Watz, Matilda (2); Wallin Nylander, Johanna (3); Hallstedt, Sophie I. (1,2); Isaksson, Ola (1) // 2023
Additive manufacturing has the potential to decrease the climate impact of aviation by providing more light-weight designs. Sustainability is however required to be assessed from a systemic view, ...

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