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A methodology to support companies in the first steps towards de-manufacturing

Cappelletti, F., Rossi, M., Germani, M., & Hanif, M. // 2021

A multi-agent reinforcement learning framework for intelligent manufacturing with autonomous mobile robots

Agrawal, A., Won, S., Sharma, T., Deshpande, M., & McComb, C. // 2021

A speculation on the potential support of bio-inspired design to biologicalisation in manufacturing

Hashemi Farzaneh, H., Borgianni, Y., Forti, D., & Rauch, E. // 2021

A structured approach to reduce design iterations in additive manufacturing

Wirths, L., Bleckmann, M., & Paetzold, K. // 2021

Additive manufacturing research landscape: a literature review

Schmitt, P., Zorn, S., & Gericke, K. // 2021

Additive manufacturing – enabling digital artisans

Rautray, P., & Eisenbart, B. // 2021

Additive refurbishment of a vibration-loaded structural component

Ganter, N., Ehlers, T., Gembarski, P., & Lachmayer, R. // 2021

Ansatz zur belastungsgerechten Auslegung additiv gefertigter Meso-Strukturen in Bauteilen

Fiona Schulte, Eckhard Kirchner // 2021
Additive manufacturing enables the production of defined cellular and lattice structures. These additively manufactured meso structures offer various potentials like lightweight design or defined ...

Conceptual Design of a Nanosatellite Incubator Using Axiomatic Design and a Mechatronic Multicriteria Profile

Ma, Yuanchao; Vadean, Aurelian; Beltrame, Giovanni; Achiche, Sofiane // 2021
The CubeSat platform has become increasingly popular in recent decades. Due to its relatively low research cost and short development time, it is often used to conduct experiments in space in various ...

Entwicklung eines Prozesses zur Konstruktion von Hybrid-Implantaten für die Herstellung mittels additiver Fertigung

Martin Pendzik, Lydia Mika, Björn Scheibner, Stefan Holtzhausen, Ralph Stelzer // 2021
Additive manufacturing is characterized by a high degree of individuality and flexibility with regard to design and product layout. This enables the integration of different functions in a component. ...

Evaluation of design support tools for additive manufacturing and conceptualisation of an integrated knowledge management framework

Claudius Ellsel, Sebastian Werner, Jan Göpfert, Rainer Stark // 2021
Over time, additive manufacturing (AM) has gained more and more adoption into series production. Software tools are developed to assist designers to incorporate specific design for additive ...

Integration eines digitalen Maschinenparks in ein Forschungsdatenmanagementsystem

Osman Altun, Tatyana Sheveleva, André Castro, Pooya Oladazimi, Oliver Koepler, Iryna Mozgova, Roland Lachmayer, Sören Auer // 2021
The global trend towards comprehensive digitization of technologies in product manufacturing leadings to radical changes in engineering processes and requires a new, expanded understanding in the ...

Investigating perceived meanings and scopes of design for additive manufacturing

Berni, A., Borgianni, Y., Obi, M., Pradel, P., & Bibb, R. // 2021

Knowledge-based evaluation of part orientation desirability in powder bed fusion additive manufacturing

Mbow, M., Marin, P., Perry, N., Vignat, F., & Grandvallet, C. // 2021

Konstruktive Potentiale einer Mikrostrukturgradierung von topologieoptimierten L-PBF-Bauteilen

Johannes Geis, Holger Merschroth, Tim Sommer, Eckhard Kirchner, Matthias Weigold // 2021
The design space of topology optimizations is often limited by installation space limitations and interfaces to other components, which can result in local stress concentrations in the resulting ...

Methodik zur frühzeitigen Integration prozessspezifischer Einflussfaktoren aus der automatisierten Montage in die Auslegung funktionskritischer Komponenten

Eva Russwurm, Florian Faltus, Fabian Laukotka, Lukas Schwan, Matthias Brossog, Dieter Krause, Jörg Franke // 2021
Dimensioning function-critical components in automated manufacturing systems is critically and depends on the handled objects as well as the handling processes. The processes lead to mechanical ...

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