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Design and development of a low-cost pediatric videolaryngoscope

Londoño, Maria José (1); Arango, Jose Fernando (2); Isaza, Juan Felipe (1) // 2023
Endotracheal intubation is performed to provide ventilatory support to a patient of any age. Every medical procedure that requires general anesthesia requires intubation, and for this reason, it is a ...


Curralo, Ana Filomena; Curado, António; Nunes, Leonel; Lopes, Sergio Ivan // 2023
Design is a creative and innovative process that takes advantage of engineering's technical knowledge to develop products, services, and benefits for a consumption-driven society. This article ...


McKay, Alison; Hazlehurst, Thomas A; de Pennington, Alan; Hogg, David C // 2023
Applications of machine learning technologies are becoming ubiquitous in many sectors and their impacts, both positive and negative, are widely reported. As a result, there is substantial interest ...

Design optimization for environmental sustainability: a framework to select the best eco-design strategy

Cappelletti, Federica;Manuguerra, Luca;Rossi, Marta;Germani, Michele;Sartini, Mikhailo // 2023
Environmental sustainability represents an unavoidable design driver. The consciousness of the importance of tackle the topic of environmental sustainability since the first stages of the product ...


Kromer, Robin (1); Gruhier, Elise (2) // 2023
Additive manufacturing (AM) processes are now integrated in industry. Therefore, new methods to design AM parts taken into consideration capabilities and limitations are necessary. It is very ...

Designing business models for a circular economy

Scholtysik, Michel (1);Rohde, Malte (1);Koldewey, Christian (1);Dumitrescu, Roman (1,2) // 2023
The megatrend sustainability will significantly change the future value creation of manufacturing companies. Their current linear value creation models need to change to conform to the requirements ...

Development Of A Virtual Experiment To Validate The Relationship Between Engineering Changes And Learning Curves Using Design Structure Matrices

Cas M.G. Verstappen, Alex Alblas, Pascal Etman // 2023
The increased demand for high-performing engineered products pushes manufacturing firms to introduce novel and more complex products at an ever-faster pace. This invokes major engineering changes in ...

DevOps for Manufacturing Systems: Speeding up Software Development

Blüher, Till (1); Maelzer, Daniel (2); Harrendorf, Jessica (2); Stark, Rainer (1) // 2023
The increasing importance of software as an essential functional provider in products and processes requires that companies master the development capabilities to continiously and quickly deliver ...


Valentine, Rod; Matthews, Jason // 2023
The aim of this paper is to appraise the use of digital technologies in the teaching of design. The continuing growth of digital technology in industry is difficult to ignore with, for example, the ...

Elements of a Prescriptive and Adaptive Prosthesis Development Service Framework

Patiniott, Nicholas (1); Borg, Jonathan C. (1); Francalanza, Emmanuel (1); Zammit, Joseph P. (1); Vella, Pierre C. (1); Gatt, Alfred (1); Paetzold, Kristin (2) // 2023
Amputees face a number of challenges when acquiring and using a prosthesis, with major issues being the cost of the device, the time it takes for their custom prosthesis to be developed and ...

Embedding perception: how changes in manufacturing approach influence interaction-design preferences

Urquhart, Lewis; Wodehouse, Andrew // 2023
This paper explores how small-but–detectable changes in manufacturing protocol can alter interaction-design preferences for users. Building on a number of previous studies by the authors, this paper ...

Environmental labeling of electrical electronic equipment (EEE) in France: information for consumers

Bertrand, Axelle Noémie (1,2); Bauer, Tom (3); Charbuillet, Carole (3); Bonte, Martin (2); Voyer, Marie (2); Perry, Nicolas (1) // 2023
The current regulatory framework for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) is changing and now requires manufacturers to disclose the environmental performance of their products. This means that ...

Exploring the potential for a FEA-based Design of Experiments to develop design tools for bulk-metal joining processes

Hatherell, Jacob (1); Marmier, Arnaud (1); Dennis, Grant (2); Curry, Will (2); Matthews, Jason (1) // 2023
Over the last 20 years, finite element analysis (FEA) has become a standard analysis tool for metal joining processes. When FEA tools are combined with design of experiments (DOE) methodologies, ...

Feature-based method to formalise additive manufacturing related data at the mesoscale based on a mereotopological description

Douin, Chloe (1);Gruhier, Elise (1);Kromer, Robin (2);Christmann, Olivier (3);Perry, Nicolas (1) // 2023
Research on additive manufacturing has highlighted methods and guidelines to optimise the design process and improving finished product quality. There is still room for improvement in making AM as ...

File format selection for efficient digital process chains in additive manufacturing

Krueckemeier, Slim; Anderl, Reiner; Schleich, Benjamin // 2023
Selecting a suitable file format for data exchange in additive manufacturing is fundamental when designing these digital process chains. Within the scope of this investigation, alternatives to the ...

Framework for Comparison of Product Carbon Footprints of Different Manufacturing Scenarios

Winter, Sven; Quernheim, Niklas; Arnemann, Lars; Anderl, Reiner; Schleich, Benjamin // 2023
The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) has been established over the last few years as a new control variable in product design to quantify the sustainable impact of a product. However, the calculation ...


Chen, Cheng; Carroll, Cody; Morkos, Beshoy // 2023
Smart manufacturing enterprises rely on adapting to rapid engineering changes while minimizing the generated risk. Making informed decisions related to engineering changes and managing risks against ...

Function driven assessment of manufacturing risks in concept generation stages

Brahma, Arindam (1);Panarotto, Massimo (1);Kipouros, Timoleon (2);Isaksson, Ola (1);Andersson, Petter (3);Clarkson, P. John (2) // 2023
Decisions made in the concept generation phase have a significant effect on the product. While product-related risks typically can be considered in the early stages of design, risks such as supply ...

Function integration in additive manufacturing: A review of approaches

Tüzün, Gregory-Jamie; Roth, Daniel; Kreimeyer, Matthias // 2023
This paper provides an overview of established approaches for function integration in additive manufacturing and critically compares their capabilities. One of the decisive factors is how functions ...

Further development of the design process for hybrid individual implants

Pendzik, Martin (1); Holtzhausen, Stefan (1); Heinemann, Sascha (2); Paetzold, Kristin (1) // 2023
Additive manufacturing (AF) is characterised by a high degree of individuality and flexibility with regard to design and product layout. This enables the integration of different functions in a ...

Geometric Modelling of Heterogeneous Lattice Structures through Function Representation with LatticeQuery

Letov, Nikita; Zhao, Yaoyao Fiona // 2023
Lattice structures are lightweight and possess other unique mechanical and physical properties. Additive manufacturing techniques are often used to produce these structures. Additive manufacturing ...

How to control the surface qualities in AM channels?

Florian Schmitt, Korosh Sallehsari, Eckhard Kirchner // 2023
Design for Additive Manufacturing maximizes the potential of Additive Manufacturing (AM) through design guidelines and tools. However, a methodological gap remains in integrating hollow structures to ...

Implementation and interpretation of a scrap and failure oriented multi-objective optimization considering operational wear

Bode, Christoph (1);Goetz, Stefan (1);Schleich, Benjamin (2);Wartzack, Sandro (1) // 2023
The tolerancing of products for manufacturing is usually performed at the end of the design process and the responsibility of the designer. Although components are commonly tolerated to ensure ...


Acuña, Alejandro; Melón Jareda, María Elena // 2023
Learning the use of machinery for the transformation of materials, such as wood and metal, continues to be an important part of the training of architecture and industrial design students, due to the ...

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