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Adapting Eco-Innovation Tools to the Needs of the Company: A Case Study

O’Hare, Jamie; Dekoninck, Elies; Turnbull, Aidan; McMahon, Chris // 2009
In this paper we consider the problem of the lack of industry uptake of eco-design and eco-innovation tools. We take a change management perspective on this problem and focus on eco-innovation tool ...

Agile Methods for Design to Customer

Feldhusen, Jörg; Löwer, Manuel; Bungert, Frederik // 2009
Not only products but also product development get more and more complex. International teams at different locations spread over the globe have to elaborate adequate solutions in shorter project ...

Algorithm-based Transformation of Customer Requirements into Product Properties

Chahadi,Youssef; Wäldele,Martin; Birkhofer,Herbert // 2009
The procedure described here represents the basis for the development of pro le-like structures by the Collaborative Research Center 666 “Integral sheet metal design with higher order bifurcations”. ...

Annotation in Design Processes: Classification of Approaches

Li, Chunlei; McMahon, Chris; Newnes, Linda // 2009
Collaboration among product designers, manufacturers and end users is a key factor for success in the design process. Effective concurrent design is determined by good communications. Design model ...

Approach for Managing Lean Product Design

Germani, Michele; Raffaeli, Roberto; Mengoni, Maura; Graziosi, Serena // 2009
Flexibility is the main keyword in order to face the rapid changing market requirements. Companies need methods and tools in order to implement flexibility over the whole product development process, ...

Assembly Simulation for Toleranced Parts: An Adaptes Path Planning Approach

Wittmann, Stefan; Winter, Marco; Paetzold, Kristin // 2009
One crucial task of product development is the definition of tolerances to assure the fulfillment of functional and aesthetic requirements. It is extremely difficult to specify the necessary ...

Automated Analysis of Product Disassembly to Determine Environmental Impact

Agu, David Ikechukwu; Campbell, Matthew Ira // 2009
Manufacturers are increasingly being held responsible for the fate of their products during the end-of-life phase. In this research, a product's end-of-life environmental impact is calculated as ...

Comparing the information content of formal and informal design documents: Lessons for more complete design records

McAlpine, Hamish Chales; Hicks, Ben James; Culley, Stephen // 2009
Even the most routine engineering design projects generate large volumes of formal and informal information by virtue of an ever-increasing variety of tools and systems. During the design process, ...

Complexity of Industrial Practice and Design Research Contributions – We Need Consolidation

Andreasen, M. M. // 2009
An important virtue of the DFX Symposia is the possibility to present ideas, plans and early concepts and to get feedback on these. This presentation, even if it is taking its point of departure in ...

Decision Support for the Selection of Anti-Counterfeiting Measures Based on Modeling Damage Avoiding Functions

Petermann, Markus Alexander; Meiwald, Thomas; Lindemann, Udo // 2009
Manufacturers are confronted with a rising number of counterfeits and imitations of their original products, causing both financial and brand damages most of them are not willing to accept. There are ...

Describing Information Use In Engineering Design Processes Using a Diagrammatic Model

Grebici, Khadidja; Wynn, David C.; Clarkson, P. John // 2009
Methods and tools to support the design process should be based on an understanding of how design work is conducted in practice and how information is used in the design process. Therefore, the ...

Design of Product Architectures in Incrementally Developed Complex Products

Wyatt, David F.; Eckert, Claudia M.; Clarkson, P. John // 2009
This paper seeks to understand how product architecture arises and influences the design process, using a case study of a UK-based diesel engine manufacturer. Product architecture is defined as a ...

Design Patterns in Microtechnology

Albers, Albert; Deigendesch, Tobias; Turki, Tarak // 2009
System design in microtechnology requires in-depth knowledge about the manufacturing processes. The known models of micro-specific design comprise the integration of production as a main aspect. ...

Designing a Smart Assembly System

Camelio, Jaime A.; Gershenson, John K. // 2009
The intention of this paper is to begin the discussion about the current needs for innovation around assembly systems and how new technologies are redefining the challenges of designing new assembly ...

Eco Design: Selection of Material for Important Parts of a Tri-Cycle Through LCA

Sharma,Suman; Manepatil,Smita // 2009
Ecodesign is an approach to design of a product with special consideration for the environmental impacts of the product during its whole lifecycle.Design for environment (DFE) and sustainable design ...

Ecodesign tools in design education

Lofthouse, Vicky // 2009
Over the last 10 years the Department of Design and Technology at Loughborough University has introduced over 600 design students to a suite of qualitative and quantitative sustainable design tools. ...

Electric Actuator Selection Design Aid for Low Cost Automation

Egbuna, C. Chukwudi; Basson, Anton Herman // 2009
The selection of cost effective and efficient actuators is challenging, particularly in Low Cost Automation (LCA). Often decisions are based on the designers' experience or on actuator ...

Engineering Implications of Integrated Product Service Offerings

Lindahl, Mattias; Sakao, Tomohiko; Öhrwall Rönnbäck, Anna // 2009
In recent years there has been a shift from a product focus into a growing focus on the early stages of product development as well as service and business development. The objective of this paper is ...

Enhancing the Product Development Process via Design Progress and Knowledge Assets Management with Visual Design Evaluations

Pahng, Gundong Francis; Wall, Matthew // 2009
With the advance of IT infrastructure and computer-based engineering solutions in manufacturing enterprises, design engineers have at their disposal numerous computer-based tools and methods that ...

Enhancing the receptivity of designers and skills of designers and product planners to environmentally-considered new product development

McCain, Holly; Lemon, Mark; Ford, Peter // 2009
This paper investigates the link between the receptivity of industry-based designers and product planners, and the learning styles and skills-development of eco-design strategies for use in ...

Evaluation Models in Road Safety: A Systemic Roadmap

Fricheteau, Romain; Mekhilef, Mounib; Page, Yves; Hermitte, Thierry // 2009
The evaluation of the road safety actions' effectiveness is one of the main activities carried out in road safety research departments. Safety actions refer to security measures such as ...

Exploring Challenges for Innovation-Driven Virtual Enterprises

Parida,Vinit; Johansson,Christian; Bergström,Mattias // 2009
The procedure described here represents the basis for the development of pro le-like structures by the Collaborative Research Center 666 "Integral sheet metal design with higher order ...

Finding the right type of industrial collaboration for the right type of studio project

Liem, Andre // 2009
Within the context of design education, industrial collaboration is nowadays perceived as being a key driver for studio teaching. From the second or third year onwards, design studio planning and ...

Functional Modeling for TRIZ-Based Evolutionary Analyses

Cascini, Gaetano; Rotini, Federico; Russo, Davide // 2009
TRIZ literature presents several papers and even books claiming the efficiency of Altshuller’s Laws of Engineering System Evolution as a means for produce technology forecasts. Nevertheless, all the ...

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