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Human Factor Early Involvement in Product Design Processes

Scaravetti, Dominique; Montagnier, Elisa // 2009
During the design of man-machine interfaces, Human Factor issues are a key element of the design process performance. However, Human Factor analysis is mostly performed a posteriori, when a prototype ...

Implementation of a Knowledge-Based Engineering Concept at an Automotive OEM

Weilguny, Laurenz Josef Hubert; Gerhard, Detlef // 2009
Feature Technology (FT) enables machining elements to carry both geometrical and technological information. Thus such features can improve the Product Development Process (PDP) by integrating Product ...

Implementation Of Open Innovation Practices In Swedish Manufacturing Industry

Parida, Vinit; Johansson, Christian; Larsson, Tobias // 2009
We are witnessing a shift towards more "open innovation" approaches and practices where firms cooperate and to a higher degree rely on external sources in their innovative work, and where ...

Implementing Lean in the Design Processes — Validation Using

Verma,K.Alok; Dhayagude,S.Swanand // 2009
Lean Manufacturing is a powerful philosophy, which advocates minimization of waste throughout the value stream both within the organization and outside in the supply chain. Majority of shipbuilders ...

Innovation and Vehicle Architecture Development in a New Age of Architectural Competition

Gorbea, Carlos; Lindemann, Udo; Fricke, Ernst // 2009
The automotive industry is going through fundamental change as new car architectures begin to compete in the market. If the new hybrid and electric vehicle offerings prove to gain traction, ...

Innovation design engineering: non-linear progressive education for diverse intakes

Hall, Ashley; Childs, Peter // 2009
This paper discusses the non-linear progressive educational techniques developed and adopted by the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) masters degree at the Royal College of Art and Imperial ...

International Design Studio Project: Australian findings on preparing industrial design students for the global emerging economy

Novoa, Mauricio // 2009
Following a presentation in the previous EPDE 08 Barcelona Conference, this paper reports on the progress and Australian findings relating to an international collaborative and distributed design ...

Investigation of Change in Specifications During a Product's Lifecycle

Sudin, Mohd Nizam; Ahmed, Saeema // 2009
Engineering changes (ECs) constitutes a normal part of a product?s lifecycle. This paper aims to understand why changes are made to a product's specification during a product's lifecycle ...

Knowledge management: a new educational challenge for student design projects

Huet, Greg; Vadean, Aurelian; Spooner, Daniel; Camarero, Ricardo // 2009
The need for Knowledge Management (KM) related to product development activities is well established, but its practice and implementation often fall short of professional expectations. This reality ...

Methodik zur Analyse von Entwicklungsprozessen als Basis für die effektive Einführung von Absicherungsmethoden

Resch, J. // 2009
Entwicklungsprozesse zeichnen sich durch eine hohe Vernetzung und Komplexität aus. Die Einführung neuer Technologien und die ständig steigende Software technische Unterstützung einzelner ...

Methodology for Service Innovation in a Multi-Disciplinary Context

Almefelt, Lars. Gunnar; Rexfelt, Oskar. Karl. Martin; Zackrisson, Daniel; Hallman, Teres // 2009
Services? importance for the economy is increasing. However, services and their development remain under-researched in academia. This paper outlines the results of a project aiming to develop and ...

Modeling Properties for the Design of Branched Sheet Metal Products

Wäldele,Martin; Birkhofer,Herbert; Fügenschuh, Armin; Martin, Alexander // 2009
This paper presents an approach to designing multi-chambered pro le structures made by a new manufacturing process called linear ow splitting using an algorithm based approach. The basis for this ...

Multi-Domain Product Modeling: From Requirements to CAD and Simulation Tools

Frey, Estelle; Ostrosi, Egon; Roucoules, Lionel; Gomes, Samuel // 2009
Today, in a very competitive industrial context, different companies have difficulties to respect delays in design and manufacturing of multi-domain product. These difficulties are most of time due ...

Product Development in Manufacturing SMES: Current State, Challenges and Relevant Supportive Techniques

Singh, Baljinder; Matthews, Jason; Mullineux, Glen; Medland, Tony // 2009
Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) provide the backbone to the world's economy nowadays. These companies represent more than 90% of all the enterprises around the globe and are a major ...

Product Robustness as a Basis for the Improvement of Production Planning Processes - Key Factors in Early Design Phases

Helten, Katharina; Hellenbrand, David; Lindemann, Udo // 2009
Given the growing change of market conditions worldwide production planning is facing new challenges. Different conditions in terms of operating resources, knowledge and quality ask for more flexible ...

Projects into industry - taking academic ideas on parametric modelling to industry

Dowlen, Chris // 2009
This describes two instances where parametric CAD modelling has been used to good effect in industrial-based projects, reducing significantly the time taken in the design stage as a result. The ...

Proposition of a Maturity Grid to Assess NPD Agility

Wieder, Charlotte; Le Dain, Marie-Anne; Blanco, Eric // 2009
Since the mid 90's, the manufacturers need to renew continuously their product offers, to thrive in more competitive and turbulent markets. However, the implementation of continuous innovation ...

Redesign Method of Manufacturing Technologies Based on Environmental Performance Evaluation

Mishima, Nozomu; Kondoh, Shinsuke; Hotta, Yuji; Watari, Koji; Yasuoka, Masayoshi; Masui, Keijiro // 2009
To achieve sustainable society, many efforts in reducing environmental impact of manufacturing have been tried. However, for engineers, enhancing manufacturing quality has long been the most ...

Reducing Lead Time in Cutting Tool Development By Implementing Blitz QFD

Bylund, Nicklas; Wolf, Mathias; Mazur, Glen // 2009
A cutting tool producer aims to reduce the lead time from finding customer needs to achieving peak sales. There are many approaches to improving a company's new product development process in ...

Simultaneous Consideration of Product Design and End-of-Life Recovery Network Design

Kwak, Minjung; Kim, Harrison // 2009
In recent years, product recovery has become a great concern to manufacturers who take the responsibility for product end-of-life decisions. Product design and reverse logistics network design are ...

Stimulating a creative approach to learning about a manufacturing process

Loy, Jennifer Elizabeth // 2009
As educators, we understand the theory of student-centered learning, but translating that into practical projects for students is a challenge compared to traditional lecturer-led, exam based ...

Strategies for the Collaborative Use of CAD Product Models

Ding, Lian; Ball, Alexander; Patel, Manjula; Matthews, Jason; Mullineux, Glen // 2009
Today, more and more companies are shifting from design and manufacturing to provide through-life support. Product models, as one of the most important types of product information, must be ...

Structuring Knowledge from Surgical Observations for Design Reuse

Grech, K Alexia; Borg,C.Jonathan; Muscat,Rita Maria; Ellul,Carmel // 2009
Due to the many bene ts that it offers patients, Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is becoming even more and more popular in a wide range of surgical elds. This paper describes a set of surgical ...

The changing role of the industrial designer with the growing sustainability imperative

Loy, Jennifer Elizabeth // 2009
How does the role of the industrial designer change in response to the sustainability imperative? In practical terms, how does sustainability affect what the designer does and the outcomes that can ...

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