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Tolcerance margins as constraining factors of changes in complex products

Ariyo, O. O.; Eckert, C. M.; Clarkson, P. J. // 2004
Engineering changes to a product are important for it to reach and maintain market competitiveness. The nature of today’s market has seen the development time for many products reduced considerably. ...


Eerme, Martin; Enok, Mart; Roosimölder, Lembit; Rein, K. // 2004
In modem engineering industry the weight reduction of support structures of machines is important. One possibility to reduce the weight of the support structures is to use sandwich configuration. ...


Conrad, Finn; Sørensen, Torben // 2003
Information Technology offers software and hardware for improvement of the engineering design, structuring and control systems, and industrial applications. The latest progress in IT makes ...


Gershenson, J. K.; Pavnaskar, S. J. // 2003


Giess, M. D.; Culley, S. J. // 2003


Stauffer, L. A.; Kirby, A. D. // 2003

A Concurrent Engineering Information Model Based on the STEP Standard and the Theory of Domains

Aganovic, D.; Nielsen, J.; Fagerström, J.; Clausson, L.; Falkman, P. // 2002
An information model that is capturing product and manufacturing system design, as well as the idea of concurrent engineering, is emphasized in this paper. First, a case product is decomposed along ...

A Feature Based Approach for Conceptual Design

Golob, B.; Jezernik, A.; Hren, G. // 2002
Early phases of design process still lacks of the computer support, although it has been recognised as an important part of design process. Paper introduces an approach towards a feature-based ...

A KBE System to Manage the Module Configuration Using the Corporate Knowledge

Mandorli, F.; Berti, S.; Germani, M. // 2002
A key point, today, is the development of products that fulfil the individual customer needs as close as possible. The market trend, hence, is towards the ""mass customization"". ...

Design and Evaluation of Metal Construction Manufacturing System

Lerher, T.; Potrc, I.; Kramberger, J.; Šraml, M. // 2002
The logistics simulation of the manufacturing production system is the main purpose of the present paper. The simulation for the new configuration of the production process was achieved using the ...

Designing 2D and 3D Textiles Using Yarn Engineering and VR

Stjepanovic, Zoran; Jezernik, Anton // 2002
Virtual reality presents a promising technology that can be treated as a potential enrichment of conventional computer aided technologies. The contribution gives an overview of the application of ...

Environmentally Sound Product Improvements of Consumer Products

Lo, V.; Wimmer, W. // 2002
In the fast moving and quick changing Digital Economy (DE), all businesses or manufacturing modes have evolved into a very competitive business particularly in the Small Electrical Appliances ...

Forming a Base for a Manufacturing System Design and Evaluation Method

Karlsson, A. // 2002
In this paper, a base for a manufacturing system design and evaluation method is proposed. The main goal within the project is to create a method that addresses important aspects with manufacturing ...

Gear Pump Design: Optimization for Delivery Increas

Di Francesco, G.; Marini, S. // 2002
Our objective is to build lighter and smaller gear pumps vs. those being currently produced. The need to reduce weight and dimensions is strongly felt also by the manufacturers who want to reduce ...

How Designers Communicate Ideas to Each Other in Design Meetings

Williams, A.; Cowdroy, R. // 2002
Multi Disciplinary Design Teams (MDDTs) are used extensively in the industrial manufacturing world to integrate the broad knowledge bases required for application of diverse technologies necessary in ...

Increasing Load Capacity of Splines due to Design

Schäfer, G.; Garzke, M. // 2002
Splines are common used shaft-hub-connections with high performance in torque transmission. There are several national and international standards (e.g. ISO 4156, ANSI B92, DIN 5480, DIN 5466) ...

Methodical Framework and Examplesof an Environmental Innovative Product Development

Rosemann, B.; Meerkamm, H. // 2002
Innovative products are the base capacity for industrial manufacturers and traders to compete in fast changing markets and are consequently the foundation of our social welfare. In opposition to ...

Multiple Environmental Benchmark Data Supporting Ecodesign in Both Industry and Academia

Boks, C.; Stevels, A. // 2002
For many years Philips Consumer Electronics and Delft University of Technology have cooperated to balance and bridge scientific theory and methodology development regarding sustainability issues with ...

On the Design of a Low-Cost Racing Car Chassis

Chignola, S.; Gadola, M.; Leoni, L.; Resentera, M. // 2002
The paper presents a project under development at the University of Brescia with the co-operation of Metra, a leading company in the field of aluminium extrusion. A racecar chassis has been designed ...

Perspectives on Similarity in Design

Eckert, C. M.; Earl, C. F. // 2002
New designs are examined in the context of existing designs. General features of similarity are outlined. Similarities are distinguished according to both the type of design activity and the type ...

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